Tomas Acosta

Licensed Yacht & Ship Broker
  • 321-328-7114

About Tomas Acosta

My childhood dream was to become a pilot. My family moved to the United States to help make that dream possible when I was in High School.

My humble beginning in customer service orientated jobs helped me pay to get started in aviation. With hard work ( lots of it) I was a Captain at 23 years old and still pursuing my childhood dream. Currently, I have 24 years in aviation.

Being the son of a mechanic has offered me immeasurable opportunities to hone my mechanic skills which have been valuable beyond estimation during my yacht broker deliveries.

I met my wife and before we knew it we lived on a lake in NC and I enjoyed my time off boating around the lake. Wanting to start a family we chose to be back near the Atlantic where we have stayed since 2011 and enjoying the water and local amenities with my son and wife as much as I can.

Flying is my passion and boating is my refuge. Which is why becoming a broker and selling yachts, sailboats, and jets has been a natural transition. Let the next adventure begin!

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