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🧐 It looked like some sort of a rust fungus growing off the side of this keel nut.

I decided on replacing all of the boat’s keel nuts one at a time.

I started with the worst one and this is what was found caked under “a little rust” after I cleaned it up.

The keel bolt studs are in perfect condition and there is no visible corrosion or pitting on the bolts.

What do you think could have caused such a massive deterioration of stainless like this and why would it be isolated only to the boat’s keel bolt nuts?

Bonus points: what would you recommend torquing the replacement keel bolt nuts to on a salt water deep blue cruising yacht for open water and at a local dock marina with both power and sailing yachts?

Published On: June 26, 2020Categories: Information/Resources, Richard Fachtmann


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