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North America

Behind the white picket fence and whispers of prom night, North America is a yacht charter fantasy. Few continents in the world capture as much versatility as these salt whipped shores. From the groaning glaciers of Alaska all the way down to cool California and the sultry skyline of Miami – you can choose between sun and snow, mountains and swamps, city or prairie. The fabled lands of America have long been the landscapes of music, literature, politics and history. Follow in the footsteps of Moby Dick up in nautical New England, tap into that sweet southern charm down in Georgia, and stand in front of the White House in Washington D.C. A yacht charter to North America is made of iconic moments.


Where in the World

One mighty mass of land and fifty fabulous states make up the powerhouse that is North America. Bordered by the surge of the Atlantic and the chill of the pretty Pacific, not to mention the wonderful warmth of the Gulf of Mexico down in the south, you have plenty of oceans to pick from when chartering North American waters. As far as landscapes go you can pick your preference; there are volcanoes, soaring mountains, valleys and tiny towns, megacities, great lakes, and swamplands that hide yellow-eyed alligators. If you keep on sailing north you will wind up in the grizzly bear lands of Canada, go south and you trip over the fiesta spirit of Mexico. In short, America is a microcosm of every habitat you could imagine.


Favored Ports of Call

Many charters are immediately drawn to the superyacht playgrounds of Florida and the Keys. These gin clear waters, endless days of warmth, and laid-back vibes are the promise lands for yachties wanting to escape those endless winters elsewhere. Start in the sassy city of Miami where salsa beats and cocktails complement al fresco evenings on deck. Sail down to Hemmingway lands on the Florida Keys, where pastel colored homes, lashings of rum and bone-fishing are all part of a life well lived.

New England is the other calling card for sailors. Home to the Americas cup, a wealth of whaling history, freshly shucked oysters and fresh ocean breezes – you can sail the length of this coast calling on vibrant cities like Boston or charming nautical haunts like Nantucket. Not so far away and you have the bright lights of New York City and the promise of sweet elite summers in the Hamptons.

The West Coast is another veritable charter paradise, particularly for those who want to witness nature at her very best. The Pacific Coast and Alaska are breathtakingly beautiful with their cobalt waters, deep dark fir forests, and spiraling mountains nestling some of Americas best indie city scenes.


Charter Highlights

While many yachts will flock to Florida and New England, the southern belle charm of Georgia and the Carolinas make an enchanting spot to drop anchor. Here, you can explore haunted lands, controversial history, and some of the prettiest Savanah mansions and dune backed beaches known to man. The dishes down in the south of the USA is another veritable highlight – soft shell crabs, sizzling barbeque and sweet peach cobbler to name but a few.

Take a break from the high seas and set sail around the Great Lakes. These vast expanses of freshwater offer a myriad of experiences for yacht charters; from chowing down on deep dishes in Chicago to running wild on the grasslands and dunes of Michigan’s Western Shore, this is small town America at her best.

Yacht charters wanting adventure, amazement, and a good old fashioned howdy y’all along the way will be wooed by the grace and glory of North Americas promise lands.