During the days of DECEMBER 2014, Capt James Fachtmann who had faithfully served as a loyal yacht salesperson for a small yacht brokerage firm based in Florida, was confronted with the stark reality of the situation. Even though James had been the Top Sales Person for 4 out of the 5 years with the 1st year being “Rookie Broker of the Year” (DEC 2010), the last of a great many injustice had occurred by the hand of that firms leadership that awoke the entrepreneur with-in him. A line had been drawn in the sand and it had been crossed for the final time. It was time to take the road less traveled and venture out, onward, and ultimately upward.

Capt James along with his identical twin brother, Capt Richard Fachtmann, laid plans for what would soon become YACHTMANN.com Yacht Brokerage in the 1st quarter of 2015. The name was a natural evolution of the brother’s last name, Fachtmann. Difficult to pronounce properly, Fachtmann — German meaning “expert man”, could be easily mastered by 1st saying yacht man and then replacing the “Y” with a “F”. For decades the two brothers would help people with the pronunciation of Fachtmann using the words Yacht – Man. When it came time to name the new company… YACHTMANN felt natural. Born in the age of the internet “dot com” was added to help clients find our website: YACHTMANN.com

This NEW Brokerage Firm was seeded from the unfair business practices of a now defunct company. YACHTMANN.com vowed to be above all; FAIR, EQUITABLE, and ETHICAL. Traits & Best Business Practices, difficult to find in this ultra-competitive industry, certainly sets our firm apart from & above the norm. Our Motto is: Success at the BENEFIT of Others. Others being our clients, our TEAM of Licensed, Bonded, and Certified Professional Yacht Brokers, and our industry as a whole. Our Mission Statement speaks loudly to this philosophy:

Mission Statement
Yachtmann.com Brokers provide the highest possible quality service to Yachts men/women globally. Our Success is dependent on the benefits we provide to you, our life long clients, in our endeavor to help make your yachting dreams reality.

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