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For those yacht charters who have cruised the calling cards of Europe, the carved pastels of the Caribbean, and who are seeking a new off-the-beaten-track adventure – let us introduce you to some of the other areas of the superyacht world. For the wild at heart, we have the shimmering glacial lands and extreme wonder of end-of-the-world Antarctica, for the exotic in nature how about the sugar-soft sands and perfume of French Polynesia, and for those who dream of festivals, whales, and a heady dose of salsa living – there’s always South America. This is a collection of destinations that don’t fit neatly into a box.

Where In The World

Floor of the world Antarctica tempts yacht charters into her glacial strewn waters but not before you have made your meandering way through the exciting destinations of South America. From the plains of Patagonia to the UNESCO mystique of Peru, these shores are more than memorable. Under this category, you can also set sail to the sun-drenched lands of French Polynesia or admire giant tortoises and kaleidoscope creatures in the Galapagos. Those brave enough to pass through the triangle can head to Bermuda or see another side of Europe with a trip around the cool Canary Islands.

Favored Ports of Call

Pay heed to the call of the wild and set sail for the grizzly shores of Canada. Outdoor adventurers will swoon over the chance to watch bears fish for salmon, kayak alongside mighty whales, and explore the striking Northwest territories. Yet, Canada isn’t all hard-hitting adventure – city lovers will fall hard for the French finesse in Montreal or go gaga for the achingly cool foodie scene down in Vancouver.

Charter Highlights

Antarctica is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and a must for any intrepid yacht charter looking to discover the ends of the earth. Only the hardiest vessels can break through the ice of Antarctica but those who manage to make the passage will be treated to the chance to see penguins, sea lions, sea birds, whales, and jaw-dropping glaciers in this winter wonderland. No place on earth compares to the remote rarities you will find in Antarctica – the final frontier of travel.

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