The Caribbean is the posterchild of the yacht lifestyle. A place where winters are forgotten and life truly does become a beach. A plethora of soft white and blue islands invites days soaked in sunshine and rum. Home to some of the best strips of sand in the world, ocean lovers will fall easily for the charms of sailing and snorkeling. But beyond the beach, the Caribbean holds wild corners with deep jungles, rising pitons, and an endless array of parrots and whales. Dazzling in her diversity, one moment you could be snorting rum on a creaky pastel porch and the next cracking champagne in the glitz of St Barts – it’s the voracious variety that makes the Caribbean such a yacht charter gem.

Where In The World

Twenty-six countries of varying shape and size sit adrift in the Caribbean Sea just southeast of North America. These are the paradise islands, where seven hundred islets and cays draped with rainforest, coral and sugar fine sand beckon and call yacht charters seeking sun for the winter. In the north you will find the Greater Antilles, in the south and east sit the Lesser Antilles, and scattered around you have the breezy blues of Barbados, the wonderful Windward Islands, the Leeward Islands, the ABC Islands, and plenty more. In short, for yacht charter adventurers – there is an island to suit every mood.

Favored Ports of Call

The Leeward Islands and the Windward Islands are perfect ports of call for Caribbean charters wanting those postcard pirate adventures. St Vincent and the Grenadines is every inch as exotic as it sounds with beaches that will make you rub your eyes in delight and emerald interiors. St Lucia also brings a touch of wild charm to the usual beach scene -the mighty pitons and boutique vibe delivers an untamed sense of adventure. Down in Barbados is where you will find a carnival spirit and lashings of culture.

Charter Highlights

Swimming with stingrays on the cool Cayman Islands is always a highlight for any yacht charter exploring the corners of the Caribbean. Those sailing with children will be met with shouts of delight when feeding these gentle drifting creatures in the opal shallows.

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